Marvelous Monday!

Via Haute Macabre. I think it looks like the little bony…urchins? are eating her life force. Explains the yellow areas under her eyes. Slurp slurp slurp.

Oh, and, guess what? The lovely Ashe Mischief of Dramatis Personae is hosting a Style Therapy giveaway! What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

I hope you all had good weekends and a happy Easter, for those who celebrate it. I had fun – Amanda and I took some pictures yesterday for the Style Therapy website. They’re not up yet, though. Lots of work to be done this week, in between Bandit Printing’s launch (which we think we’re going to have to push back ’til next week, ugh, but still) and a few other projects. But I’ll still be around. Anyways, have a great week, everyone!

  • melina bee

    gotta say I love that necklace, but then again I love creepy taxidermy so…

  • …love Maegan

    omg that is amazing!

  • Anastasia

    excellent links. thanks.