Marvelous Monday

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This is a video of Laurie Halse Anderson, reading a poem comprised entirely of letters she received after Speak was published. (Transcript here, trigger warning for transcript & video regarding rape.) It is beautiful and moving but uh, I wouldn’t watch it or read it if you don’t want to get the sniffles.

CRYSTAL RENN: My message is that we should allow everyone, including models, to be the way they are: size 2, size 12, size 24. It shouldn’t be, “Oh, my God, she gained 5 pounds. Oh, she lost 5 pounds.” The big picture is let’s bring all body types in.

GLAMOUR: What would that look like in fashion?

CRYSTAL RENN: Right now, you might see a runway show with all these girls who are size 2s, and then one who’s a size 16—that means you really notice size. Well, imagine you see a runway show where you see all different types: petite, tall, black, white, Asian, everybody’s in there. You’re just going to see beautiful women. There’d be no more weight debate. It’s done. That’s my vision for this industry. I guess you could say it’s quite grandiose, but I don’t care. I have to believe that what I say matters.

Okay, that’s the links for this week! and for an update on the state of me & the blog, read on:

I’ve got a lot of the stuff on my plate knocked out and most days my stress levels are pretty low. Matt passed his CO test (YAY!) and thinks he did well at the interview; unfortunately it can take up to 45 days to run a background check, so it might be a while before we know for sure whether he got the job or not. We’re crossing our fingers & any support would be wonderful/amazing/super appreciated :)

If I can just get back into the groove of writing regularly again, I think the hiatus is effectively over. I’ve got a few different posts on several different topics about half done, and a few things I want to crosspost from Tumblr as well. I might not quite be up to the 3-4x a week posting schedule just yet, but 2-3x a week is definitely do-able right now. I still haven’t got the first chapter of the Valkyries finished; I have made quite some progress with the website though! I’m so excited to finally get it up and running. My goal is to get well ahead (like 3 months or maybe even more) on the Valkyries so that I can start on my other webcomic idea – it’ll make me pretty busy, but I really don’t want to wait until I’ve finished the Valkyries before I start anything else, because who knows how long that’ll be.

Oh, and happy Lammas/Lughnasdh/Freyfaxi!

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    Ah, Michelle, you wonderful lady, you! Thank-you so much for the lovely mention!

  • Sheena

    Yay! Lovely links and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into them! Congrats to Matt and glad that you are back into the groove of writing, too! A little hiatus can do a world of good.
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