How to Reboot Your Day

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Yesterday started off pretty bad. I felt icky Tuesday afternoon and evening, and it carried right over into Wednesday. I didn’t sleep well because of the ickiness and had terrible dreams (including one where a wasp chased me and stung me repeatedly, go figure). I was crampy, headachey, tired and short tempered. I didn’t feel like I was going to get anything worthwhile done and that put me in an even pissier mood.

Then I had an idea: what about trying to restart my day, effectively giving me a clean slate?

Lucky for me (and you!) it worked a charm, so I’m sharing instructions on how you can reboot your crappy days & salvage them!

  1. Stop what you’re doing. Especially if it’s making you more frustrated. Just stop. Turn it off, walk away from it for a while, physically remove it from your sight if it will make you calm down more.
  2. Eat something. Without any distractions, preferably in silence or listening to some of your “happy” music. Low blood sugar can make you cranky and sluggish, not to mention give you a wicked case of brain fog. And too often we rush ourselves through meals, thinking about what we should be doing or where we should be or watching television instead of focusing on the food. I wouldn’t eat anything too sugary, because that’ll just cause another blood sugar crash before too long – try something like toast and jam or a bagel. Try to eat it in peace and just focus on the food in front of you and how it tastes, without worrying about anything else.
  3. Take a walk or do yoga. This is optional and isn’t something I did yesterday, but I imagine it would fit in well here. Both of these activities are relaxing and will help get your blood flowing. Sometimes, getting out of the physical space you’re in is a necessary step to changing your current mood.
  4. Do something simple & easy that already needed to be done. This gives you a feeling of accomplishment, however tiny, and helps get you out of that “this day is worthless” rut. I unloaded the dishwasher and took the trash out. You might clean something or organize something – as long as it genuinely needs to be done, it’s good!
  5. 5-10 minutes of meditation/quiet. Or however long you feel comfortable doing so. You might just sit and listen to a calming song in silence, or think of all the things you’re grateful for. It does us all good to say “thank you” every once in a while – thank your deities or the universe for your blessings, or just write a “thank you” letter in your head to all of the people who are so wonderful in your life.
  6. Resume working with a clear head, a peaceful heart, and an awesome feeling that this day won’t be a waste after all!

Take a nap?

If this works for you, go ahead and do it. It takes me anywhere from five minutes to thirty to fall asleep, so naps don’t work out very well for me, because I can’t time them very well and I usually end up getting 10 minutes of sleep and feeling headachey or getting two hours of sleep and not being able to sleep that night. But there’s been studies out the wazoo that say naps are freakin’ fabulous, so don’t feel guilty about it if you choose to do so.

Obviously not all of these will be doable if you work in a traditional office environment, but hopefully you can incorporate at least one or two of them in. Listen to your favorite music on your lunch break or spend a few minutes meditating. After going through these steps, I felt a hell of a lot better and managed to finish up most of my to-do list for yesterday, despite not “rebooting” until midafternoon. Give it a try!

  • x Corrine/Frock & Roll x

    GREAT advice, Michelle!

  • Rachael

    Great advice! I try to remind myself to thank the universe daily but I don’t do it as often as I like…I need to develop a new relaxation routine every day when my boyfriend heads out to the gym. That should be meditation & personal writing time only.
    I usually need a nap about 4 days out of the week just to help me get through everything that needs to get done. I didn’t know about the scientific studies, so thank you for those links because I do sometimes feel guilty for napping.

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  • Michelle

    Thank you Corrine! <3

    @Rachael – Yeah, it’s hard to do it when other people are home. It helps me a lot to do things like that when Matt’s out with friends or whatever. Definitely don’t feel guilty about napping – it’s actually supposed to do wonders for creativity and productivity! It almost makes me a little jealous, since they just don’t work for me :P

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