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‘Twas a full moon on Friday!

And here’s my recommended links from the past week:

Changing your mind is a good thing, Montaigne would say. It means you’ve resisted the impulse to think you’re infallible.

via The Experimental Life, a post on the 4HWW blog

What I say may be in a language incomprehensible, but there is a time for that, and it is right now, because this is a monster’s creed. It is for the cobbled-together, the sewn-up, the grafted-on. It is for the golden, the under-the-earth, the foreign, the travels-by-night; the filthy ship-sinking cave-dwelling bone-cracking gorgeousness that says hell no, I am not tidy. I am not easy. I am not what you suppose me to be and until you listen to my voice and look me in my eyes, I will cling fast to this life no matter how far you drive me, how deep, with how many torches and pitchforks, biting back the whole way down. I will not give you my suicide. I will not give you my surrender.

the seam of skin and scales

Just read the whole thing. It’s so, so worth it.

Okay, now that we’re done with the links! Or, almost. I wanted to let y’all know that I finished up a sweet lil e-course called Finding Yourself 101 this week, and if you want to access that, you can get it by signing up for the mailing list (which is totally spam free). It’ll be automatically delivered to your inbox afterwards.

I also wanted to tell you a hilarious story! So, last week, Matt and I were at Whole Foods shopping. This woman walked past us who looked exactly like Jessica Alba. I turned to Matt and I said “Did you see her?! She looked just like Jessica Alba!” and Matt was like “I know!!”. And then we ended up behind her in line to check out. Matt kept saying he wanted to go say hi and tell her how much she looked like Jessica Alba and I was like, “Oh, no, don’t bother her! I bet she gets that all the time and I’d think that’d get obnoxious when you were grocery shopping, just don’t do anything.” We went back and forth the whole time we were standing in line, until she left the store. And then on Saturday we were telling that story to our roommate, who goes “Oh! Didn’t you know? She’s in town filming Spy Kids 3 right now. I bet that was her!”

I’m not entirely sure Matt will ever forgive me, but I got quite a good laugh out of it! And with that, have a fabulous week!

  • Ellie Di

    Thanks for the link love, darlin’! I’m thinking I’ll do a bit more in-depth writing about my beliefs/path later on. Your post on your thoughts was pretty inspirational!

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