Link Roundup

Did you know that Tuesday is not only the winter solstice, but is a full moon and a full lunar eclipse? That hasn’t happened in 456 years! I’m really pretty excited for it!

In my kitchen and in my life my goal is to decriminalize food.

I was not an overweight child. I was underweight, in fact, but I remember my first diet as clearly as I can remember my last one. I was eight years old and I tried so hard to be good but of course I failed, because I was eight and hungry. I can remember times before that, being six years old (in pictures I am so tiny and blonde and pale) wondering why my brother was allowed to eat anything he wanted while I was told, “Be careful! You don’t want to grow up to be fat, do you?”

This idea of breaking food down into intangibles such as calories, points, carbs and fat grams turns food into The Enemy when taken to an extreme. It’s not even food anymore, it’s just a pile of fat, calories and grams of this or that. Sometimes here in Los Angeles — where Thin is religion — I wonder if the goal is to simply find a way to eliminate eating entirely. I know people who seem to exist on nothing but diet drinks and fat-free yogurt. I know women who would rather die than go up a size.

Just go read it before I quote the whole damn thing. I bet Laurie doesn’t know her fanbase includes blue-haired 20somethings, but it totally does in my case.

  • Treat yourself like a toddler. – excellent advice!
  • Carrying the weight
  • I have an essay in the latest issue of hoax zine! It’s called “A Brief History of Witchcraft” & is about looking at witchcraft & its history through a feminist lens – I’ve been meaning to upload it to a page on here, but I haven’t got around to it yet. When I do I’ll link y’all to it, but you should buy a copy anyways because hoax is awesome. It’s only $4, too! (I don’t get a kick back or anything. I just think it’s cool.)
  • Aaaand last but not least, one of my friends just started a blog. He’s a fabulous writer and if you’re interested in some of the things I talk about here (craftsmanship & paganism, namely) you should go check it out.

We’re leaving for Missouri on Wednesday – I’m so excited to see my family again. I haven’t seen them since June! (And I’m not sure I got to see my sister then, either.) I’ve already got posts scheduled for Monday & Wednesday, and the rest of the time until we get back from the holidays will probably just be reverb10 posts, if that. I hope you’re all having a fabulous holiday season (or just a fabulous December, if you don’t celebrate any holidays ’round this time).

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    Thanks so much for the link! Have a safe trip!