Epic Link Roundup: New Year’s Edition

Below, you’ll find – pardon my French – a metric shit-ton of links. I decided to go big this week in honor of the new year, so it’s broken down into the best of Wicked Whimsy this year, a miniature link roundup for the new year, and then some miscellaneous links. But first! I need your input. If you’ll click here you’ll be taken to a survey about the ebook I’m working on, called Take Back Your Creativity. It’s only four questions, three of them multiple choice. And then after that, if you could click here and complete the survey about Wicked Whimsy in general, I would be forever in your debt. (That one is six questions, five of them multiple choice.) I’ll be using the input you give me to help create more awesomeness in 2011! Thank you for taking the surveys!

Without further ado, here’s the best of Wicked Whimsy in 2010. Picked by a combination of most popular & my favorites, and broken down into categories for your perusal.

Best of Wicked Whimsy in 2010


Interview with Danielle LaPorte, Fire Starter Extraordinaire

Pain and Art

An Inspiring Workplace


How to Reboot Your Day

How to Make Space in Your Life

How to Stop Worrying all the Damn Time

Ethics & Making Money, Honey

Video Post: Assumptions


Sandman and American Gods: Problematic Portrayals – introduction, part one, part two

Personal Style/Beauty

Cultural Appropriation vs. Inspiration

The Oil Cleansing Method: A Review

Bras for Busomy Babes

A Cute & Comfortable Shoe Wardrobe

New Year’s Roundup

50 Radical New Year’s Resolutions, courtesy of the lovely & always-charming Ashe Mischief

Twelve Rules of Change – from Birdie at Bonnie Vie

5 Questions to Help You Make Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Giving up the good to avoid the bad

Transitioning into the New Year with Intention, a fabulous guest post at Spring by Shenee!

Miscellaneous Links

If you haven’t already, check out my guest posts at ProBlogger: Why Writing Every Day Isn’t Enough & at ScoutieGirl: Our Underselling Problem.

True But Useless

Why I Left Facebook

How To Be Inspired by Everything – A Brief Guide

Delightful Change

How to Take a Stand and Change the World

Two goodies from Gwen Bell: the case for collaborative consumption & 90/10

“Crime is a product of distorted mind. It is distortion of mind which needed to be addressed [and] controlled. Not by preaching. Not by telling. Not by reading. But by addressing your mind.”

Whew! That’s it. I told you it was epic. Hope you’re not still nursing a hangover (two day hangovers are the worst). Happy New Year!

PS: Did you forget about the surveys? Here’s the one about Wicked Whimsy, and here’s the one about Take Back Your Creativity. Thanks again for taking the time to do them!

  • Annching

    Wow! I first stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and this roundup of posts is amazing. I’m going to take a look through now. Best of luck in 2011, can’t wait to read more from Wicked Whimsy!